Message From David Field, Entercom’s President and CEO

Dear Entercom Family,

Today we continue to mourn the loss of our dear friend and colleague Steve Forsyth. Steve worked for Entercom in Portland for 14 years and made a great impact on all of us who knew him. Steve died tragically on Tuesday when he was one of the victims of the Portland mall shootings.

We are all heartbroken. This senseless, tragic murder struck down a truly wonderful human being in the prime of his life. Steve was a highly talented man with a zest for life and a terrific sense of humor. He loved his family dearly.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with Steve’s family and friends at this difficult time.

With great sadness,

I invite you to share your memories of Steve below:

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  1. Steve Carr says:

    I had the opportunity to work with Steve several years ago in his capacity as a marketing wiz at Big Feat Marketing. I was helping to develop a home-based business special interest group for the West Linn Chamber, and asked Steve to help us do some training on marketing. He totally understood the needs of this type of business, and the challenges they face, and delivered top quality presentations.

    Steve was so much fun to be around. He was truly a people person and his enthusiasm was infectious. He had the ability to energize a crowd and made friends where ever he went.

    The world lost one of the good guys this week. Steve touched a lot of lives, and I won’t soon forget him. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

  2. Dave McDonald says:

    Erin Hubert and I worked together at another radio company years ago, she as GSM and me as GM. She came to me one day and told me she had a guy in her office she was interviewing, just out of college with no sales experience, who was unbelievably confident. She asked me to talk to him and push him a little to see if he was for real. I did. As we know now, Steve was for real! Erin hired him and it was like an electric charge added to the place. Confident, energetic, enthusiastic and fun! He loved ideas and loved to learn. Absolutely irrepressible. My heart goes out to his family that he was so proud of and loved so much.

  3. Steve Reed says:

    The home team lost a great one last week! I had the “adventure” of working with Steve at Entercom and collaborating with Steve often until last week. Something tells me I will continue to “collaborate” with him for the rest of my life. He was a man that left that kind of mark on a person’s life. I still cannot wrap my mind around this tragedy. One thing that I know for sure, he would be telling us all to live our lives even more passionately, and not to spend our time feeling sorry, down or angry.

    I remember the first day we met in 1995, I thought, “This guy can’t be for real”….”this has got to be an act”….oh, how wrong I was. I have never in my life met a man that was more intense and passionate about life. No one was more engaged with work and personal growth and relationships than Steve. No man was more spiritually in touch, more curious, more open. He truly lit up any room and was an asset to everyone who knew him. I can say that nothing was “surface” with Steve, when he asked you “how are you doing”, he wanted to know. When he would call, I knew that it wasn’t going to be a quick, “hey, how are you doing”, rather I better have 45 minutes set aside to “get into the deep end of the pool” as we liked to say.

    Steve wore his emotions, his thoughts and positions on his sleeve. He LOVED a good debate or discussion and they were challenging and fun. It was refreshing to always know where you stood with Steve. He was a fountain of knowledge and was always recommending the next “great book” or “philosophy”.

    He will be greatly missed by the hundreds of people that were lucky enough to have him touch their lives. There is a void now, but I hope it will soon be filled with his spirit and the advice he was willing to give us all. Steve was the embodiment of love, acceptance and passion.

    I will miss you, my friend! RIP

  4. Marijane Milton says:

    I can’t remember when I first met Steve. He just seems like part of the fabric in Portland. And I can’t really remember when he left either. A few years ago? Because it has seems to me like he never did, really. I meet a lot of people. I’ve worked in our industry for over three decades. Very few people impact others on a first meeting, are unforgettable. That was Steve. He had a light around him. His gift, to me, was to make the everyday exciting, memorable and fun. His positivity, larger than life personality (and height!), his compassion, his sense of humor and more made him a giant in so many people’s worlds. And I will never forget his use of props, costumes and theme music! The world’s best Alex Trebek impersonation. Ah Steve. People come in and out of our lives all the time. Steve’s impact will be felt always by anyone who knew him. The rest of us need to carry that onward. Love to you,Carla and your family, Mj

  5. Erin Hubert says:

    I hired Steve into radio close to 23 years ago when I was working for Dave McDonald at KMJK Radio. Steve was so young, but uber confident, and such a knucklehead in the best sense of the word. HIring him was one of the best decisions I ever made, not only for business, but for my life. To have the privilege of working with him again at Entercom was icing on the cake. He will be forever missed – a loss for us all and unimaginable for Carla and the kids.

  6. Eric Simantel says:

    Steve was one of the first to teach me to “make today count” in every way professionally and personally because you genuinely do not know what tomorrow might bring. Also also said to hug your wife, hug your children, and tell your family love them each and every single day. Not in passing, not casually as you leave the house on your way to work – but physically stop down and take a moment with each person. He said those words to me, and he said them in only the way that we all know Steve can – filled with genuine passion and vigor for whatever moment he was in.

    Steve – I am a better person because you. Thank you.