Message From David Field, Entercom’s President and CEO

Dear Entercom Family,

Today we continue to mourn the loss of our dear friend and colleague Steve Forsyth. Steve worked for Entercom in Portland for 14 years and made a great impact on all of us who knew him. Steve died tragically on Tuesday when he was one of the victims of the Portland mall shootings.

We are all heartbroken. This senseless, tragic murder struck down a truly wonderful human being in the prime of his life. Steve was a highly talented man with a zest for life and a terrific sense of humor. He loved his family dearly.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with Steve’s family and friends at this difficult time.

With great sadness,

I invite you to share your memories of Steve below:

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  1. Greg Spencer says:

    Steve was simply one of the greatest people I ever met. He was a big man, with a Tony Robbins like delivery & self-confidence, blended with the humor, laugh and disposition of the happiest guy on earth. My god could he motivate.

    Back when we worked together, the environment at Entercom-Portland was one of family, we all genuinely had love and respect for each other, no matter our frailties and faults, and Steve was at the center of it all. He truly was the glue we so often refer to… I know I speak for everyone who worked in that building or built a relationship with him outside those walls, that he was one-of-a-kind. The mark he left on so many people is a true testament to the man himself – the one he left on me is indelible.

    I still can’t believe it. I’ll never forget him.

    I hope and pray that Carla and the kids can find the ability to heal.

  2. Weezie Kramer says:

    Steve’s life was cut tragically short. We are all so sad to lose someone who lived life so incredibly large and who made all of our lives richer in so many different ways. He was an impossible guy not to love. May peace be with him and his family.

  3. Erin Donley says:

    Steve’s influence was profound. In fact, I wrote about him this week and the Huffington Post published my article. So thrilled that his legacy is making national news. His work, clearly, is not done.


    Much love to the whole Entercom family.
    I’m so thankful for my time in radio.

  4. Mark Durkin says:

    I have never met a finer man, husband, co worker, nor had a better friend. My life has been enriched beyond measure, and will continue to be, by having known Big Steve! He lives on!!

  5. Joel Krebs says:

    From my first job interview with Steve I knew I wanted to be a part of his team. I owe Steve so much! There are few people that become part of your life in the way Steve did for me and for so many. I will never forgot that last contact we had. He had left me a voice-mail and it went something like this: “Joel-e-o, you would be proud, I just changed out the alternator in my dads Cadillac Allante… You know that is actually a pretty nice ride, anyway give me a call, Steve.” So simple, yet I will remember that for the rest of my life.
    The past couple of days I have been thinking back over the last 14 years I knew Steve and find myself either laughing, or smiling. I feel so blessed and proud Steve was a big part of my life for many years.
    Steve may you rest in peace my friend, and one day we shall meet again…

  6. Robin Schwartz Davis says:

    Those of us who knew Steve will forever miss him. I always looked forward to seeing him at various work functions. He greeted me with the biggest bear hug (he 6’7″, me 5’3″) and the friendliest smile filled with warmth and sincerity. Steve had amazing talent. It’s a terrible loss to all of us.

    Rest in peace sweet friend.