Message From David Field, Entercom’s President and CEO

Dear Entercom Family,

Today we continue to mourn the loss of our dear friend and colleague Steve Forsyth. Steve worked for Entercom in Portland for 14 years and made a great impact on all of us who knew him. Steve died tragically on Tuesday when he was one of the victims of the Portland mall shootings.

We are all heartbroken. This senseless, tragic murder struck down a truly wonderful human being in the prime of his life. Steve was a highly talented man with a zest for life and a terrific sense of humor. He loved his family dearly.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with Steve’s family and friends at this difficult time.

With great sadness,

I invite you to share your memories of Steve below:

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  1. Amber says:

    We only met Steve one or two times, as you were the primary care giver for the dogs. I knew I knew him from the pictures, but when the realization came that you were his wife, I fell apart for you. You and I have had some great discussions, and I know your family is like mine. You love your husband, and he is a dedicated father! His roll as an angel will not be underestimated by him. I understand to a point your loss. Our employee died five years ago today. If you ever need to talk to somebody who somewhat understands the trauma, I am here. Kiss those kids, and know you are in my heart! All my prayers…


  2. Paul Savage says:

    Admired. Adored. Appreciated. Acknowledged. And missed.

  3. Rich unrein says:

    I did not know Steve but I was saddened to learn of his passing as a result of the senseless tragedy at the clackams town center. The memorial service was beautiful and uplifting during this time of sadness. I wish I knew Steve as he was a good man and our world needs more men like him to be role models for our children. My thoughts and prayers are with the Forsyth family.

  4. Liz O'Connor Risch says:

    When I was just out of college, I met Steve. I was hired by Entercom and he was already there looming larger than life. He was instantly my friend. I have so many memories with both Steve and Carla. I remember them at my wedding, I remember his pride in Katie and then in having his “mini me” Alex. I remember his optimism. On one occasion, the two of us were in a dumpster gathering the garbage from a former house of ill repute while our co-workers tossed it down at us at a “giving back rehab project” for Entercom. I asked him how we ended up in the dumpster; after many “where we belonged” jokes and songs, plus discussions of treasures we may find he said “well it can’t be much worse”. Optimism! Seconds later it started to rain and I blamed Steve for the next 15 years. I blame him still. I am so glad I got to spend those four hours singing in the rain with Steve.

    I remember his support when my mom died, and sitting with him in his office crying with me. I remember traveling with Steve and Carla, he always had the adventurous spirit… Carla, how did he get us snorkeling over rocks in two feet of murky water? He talked me into riding a horse in Arizona in the snow instead of getting a massage at the spa. He also talked me into wearing 20 pound hand gloves and puffy helmet and getting into a ring at a sales retreat. My opponent was a 240+ male co-worker. Coach Steve thought I could win. He yelled DODGE, I said “DODGE? WHERE??” The ring was small, the opponent large. He then looked at me and started laughing after he realized I didn’t have a chance, but one more time with optimism, he yelled with tears streaming down his face from laughing (at me or with me) “GO for the feet O’Connor”!!

    Steve has all these close friends who love him and how I love him for that. People mattered to Steve, I knew I did and I have no doubt if he could have lived another 45 years he would have limitless room in that big heart of his for another 1000 best friends and those who feel mentored by him.

    What I remember most of Steve was that smile. I remember his laugh, it was a quick two part shout and if it was really good he would turn red and start to laugh / cry. He could make me do the same and I so appreciated that.

    I am thinking of all his nick names, all his smiles, all of his bits, all his jokes, and so many of those things that aren’t appropriate for this forum to repeat (most of my long time Entercom buddies remember). :)

    I love you Carla, I love your kids and I love Steve always. Entercom had a rare way of making family out of strangers… I am remembering all of my strange family today.

  5. Kristin Brown Sewell says:

    I met Steven in the 6th grade. I was the new girl that year at Forest Hills Elementary School. Steve immediately approached me and offered his friendship. He made me laugh all the time, he was smart and kind to everyone. We went through LOJHS and our friendship remained close. We had a great kid connection, we simply liked one another’s company. Just a shared smile brought comfort to me daily.
    Freshman year we worked on Homecoming and May Fete celebrations together. I attended his basketball games with my houngest brother Michael who adored Steve. Steve was plain fun to be around!
    That summer my parents broke the news that we were moving to Seattle. I was scared, unsure and sad. Steve and another friend Paul Krill rode the train with me to Seattle and stayed with us just to make me feel comfortable in our new home. I remember him telling me I would be just fine. He was always so encouraging.
    I hadn’t seen or heard from Steve for years, but his spirit has never left me. I have thought fondly of him many times. And I’ve never forgotten the way he made me feel. I think that holds true for everyone he knew…he made people feel good. Steve was truly an angel. As we are all mourning the loss of a wonderful person here on earth….so many others are rejoicing in his arrival in Heaven.

  6. lynda parets says:

    Carla, Katie and Alex:

    I had the honor of working with Steve when he was National Sales Manager at Entercom.
    I live in Los Angeles and whenever Steve was here, we spent time together not only because it was business but because he simply was a GREAT PERSON TO SPEND TIME WITH. After he left Entercom he always remained in my thoughts While we spoke busines, he ALWAYS SPOKE OF ALL OF YOU. His love, and respect for his family His pride was his family – family first. And he was always curious as to how my adopted son was doing – even in emails.

    He has always been in my heart and I feel privileged to have known him, though for a brief time.

    I am so very sorry for your loss, but know that he rests in the wings of Angels.

    My thoughts and prayers will always be with you – and I thank you for sharing Steve with us!