Message From David Field, Entercom’s President and CEO

Dear Entercom Family,

Today we continue to mourn the loss of our dear friend and colleague Steve Forsyth. Steve worked for Entercom in Portland for 14 years and made a great impact on all of us who knew him. Steve died tragically on Tuesday when he was one of the victims of the Portland mall shootings.

We are all heartbroken. This senseless, tragic murder struck down a truly wonderful human being in the prime of his life. Steve was a highly talented man with a zest for life and a terrific sense of humor. He loved his family dearly.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with Steve’s family and friends at this difficult time.

With great sadness,

I invite you to share your memories of Steve below:

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  1. Steve Schuster says:

    The first person that I met when I landed in San Diego to attend the University of San Diego was Steve. We waited together for the van ride to the campus, and I remember feeling wierd not knowing what college was going to be like, etc. Steve and I hit it off right away, and he put me at total ease with this new adventure in life, because I felt like he was a long time friend after just about 20 minutes or so of talking. Steve and I remained good friends for the next 4 years of college, and we talked very limited over the years as I returned to Milwaukee while he was in Portland. I did get to visit Steve while in Portland on business many years ago, and we went out for lunch and caught up. I also called him to see if he would come to our 20 reunion, but he needed to stay home, as I don’t recall what was going on in his life at the time.

    Steve and I both had a love of basketball. We talked about sports all the time, and eventually we got really involved in the USD club and intramural scene. We formed our own team, Steve was the center, and I was a guard, and everday Steve would visit my dorm room and we would end up going to the gym to just shoot around. We did the same for flag football, and our team either took first or second, I can’t remember which. Steve was a defensive lineman, and I was a wide receiver.

    We all hung out in an area which we referred to as the Boneyard. This was on the 4th floor of Desales hall, and this area just had a unique group of characters living in it. If it was present day, we could have made a reality show out of the daily events and discussions that took place in the Boneyard. Steve seemed to be a centerpiece of this area. I have a picture of the entire group, but just can’t locate it at present. What I remember about Steve, not having seen him in several years, was first his big smile, and his zest for engaging in discussion on almost any subject. His animated facial gestures, and hand movements, made any discussion lively, because it would immediately catch your attention and make you focus on what was being discussed. He also had a unique laugh. I wish that we had back then what the young adults have right now, the cell phones, cameras, etc, it would have been so cool to have those memories captured because as I sit here right now I just can’t recall everything. I would just like to end this, by saying that he had an incredible love of life, love of sports, and was a very good, caring friend, who seemed to show a lot of interest in nearly everything that was happening in my life at the time we knew eachother. I was shocked to hear the news, and it made me even more sad that Steve and I did not communicate on a more regular basis. He will be missed, but will always hold a special memory in my mind related to our college days.

  2. Carla says:

    Thanks for sharing Steve. I don’t recall ever having met you in person, but after my Steve’s stories about his days @ USD with you; I feel like I know you a little bit. His animation alone complete with that huge smily and laugh made you wish you had experienced the day with him; you know what I mean, right?

    Please know that reading your comments about him help me get through the day!


  3. Amy Van Hook says:

    Steve was one of the first people I met when I came to Entercom in 2000. I was fortunate that his office was across from mine for several years and he always had time to talk with my husband and kids when they came by – he took the time to get to know them. He always took time for the important stuff. I know how much he loved you Carla, and nothing put a bigger smile on his face than talking about Katie and Alex. Reading through the comments there are a lot of common themes about Steve! For me, what will always endure is Steve’s generosity – he had it by the bucket full – generous of time, advice, laughter, love, and of course friendship.

  4. Sara says:

    Carla, it takes a very strong woman to continue your path of strength as you get through these awful times….. I knew only of Steve through our manager meetings, as we traveled once or twice a year to faraway places …. and by the way, he was the person that I couldn’t wait to see. Always smiling, hugging and laughing….making fun and screwing around with Spencer.

    I always admired him for jumping to follow his dream of being an entrepreneur. You must have felt blessed to be with such a great guy…who had the biggest personality that lit up a room, and of course, gave the best bear hugs in town.

    Seriously, I don’t go a day without thinking about this unfortunate instance, and how I’m sure you will have to dig down really deep to continue get through. But I pray for you to have that strength and live through the great memories you have of Steve. I wish you the best and hope you are able to see the greatness of Steve through your children every day.

    Just know a little someone in Sacramento has been thinking of you and wishing you and your family the best.

  5. Greg Johnson says:

    My father, Jim Johnson, liked Steve from when they first worked together in Portland radio. Steve had an enthusiasm and creativity for business and life which my dad loved. Steve was a trusted friend to my Dad and I know that if my Dad were alive today he would be profoundly upset at Steve’s sudden passing.

    For myself, I remember going to dinner with Steve while I was in high school and hearing his latest business ideas, or running into him around the stations, Steve always reached out to me whenever our paths crossed. This was never more poignant than when my Dad passed in 2009. Steve emailed while my Dad was at Legacy Hospice with the most touching email about how close my Dad and I were. That email was and still is so touching to me and my Dad.

    To his family I wish for all the love, strength and support they need.

  6. Chas O'Connor says:

    Carla, our mutual friend, Shelli F. recently informed me of your tragic loss. I just cannot put into words the pain John and I are feeling for you. I know it’s been years since we’ve seen one another, but I SO ENJOY receiving your annual Christmas card/photo/letter update. It is clear that Steve was no doubt a dedicated husband and father and I will not pretend to know what you must be going through. Please know that we are thinking of you, Katie, Alex and the rest of your family. We are so sorry for your loss. Hugs and Kisses,
    Chas, John, Trevor and Maddie O’Connor